Northern Artery builds packing and shipping cases for fine art. And we do it in a way that is gentle on your budget as well as your objects. We build cases for single objects, exhibitions or whole collections. Our crate shop is located in Biddeford, Maine. We use the finest grade of materials, starting with Baltic Birch plywood. 8-10 ply with very stable exterior grade adhesives. No off-gassing problems. Cases are sealed with waterbased varnish. Lids are gasketed and sealed with through bolts & washers. All cases are fitted with appropriate amounts of thermal and shock insulation: Dow Ethafoam, usually 1.7 density, is used to line the box, providing a thermal barrier, then the interior is fitted with foam sized to the weight and shape of the piece being shipped. Each box is custom built and custom fitted with foam. We follow the guidelines established by the "Art in Transit" conferences organized by the NGA, et al, several years ago, and materials published by P.A.C.I.N.

We are happy to work with you on details of construction for your particular needs. 


 Ask our references: We will visit your site and spend the day measuring, checking the profile of frames and judging the weight of individual pieces. We want to be sure that when we arrive to pack your cases that there are no surprises.

Call us and we will provide a set of references from several past projects, big and small. You will not be disappointed in the quality, and you will be delighted by the price.
There are benefits to being located in Maine and sheltered from the excesses of the metropolis.