Shipping - Packing - Soft Wrapping

Northern Artery specializes in exclusive shipments, museum to museum or lender/donor to museum. We focus on individual clients rather than the chaos of shuttle runs. There are a few of our colleagues offering first class shuttle service, and we are happy to recommend them. However, if you have a critical donor or lender, perhaps a member of your museum's Board of Directors, and you really want everything to go smoothly as silk, you want to call Northern Artery.

Let us know that you have a sensitive situation and we will be sure to allow ample time to put your lender at ease. Unhurried service helps to relax those who are not accustomed to lending to museum exhibition, and are extra anxious for the safety of their works of art. In these circumstances, you need to know the personalities of the crew you are sending in to pack and ship special works of art. You must have confidence that the drivers will treat the situation with the utmost diplomacy.

If you let us know that you want extra-special service, we will be happy to make pre-shipping visits to measure and inspect works of art for crating and handling & take condition photographs if desired. We will unpack and re-install loans if that is what it takes, and remove the packing materials as we go. We have been known to vacuum and sweep, and don white slippers when necessary.

These are the subtle touches that not even the most well meaning shuttle crew can offer.

You be the judge of when this matters most.